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Healthcare Professionals

We work closely with healthcare professionals to provide patients with the medical cannabis they need. As a healthcare professional you might have questions about medical cannabis and how to prescribe it. If so, email us at or call us on 0116 273 1233.

If you have written a prescription…

We can dispense it for your patient. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Ask the patient to sign up for or log in to their customer account and upload a copy of their prescription. This only takes a few minutes and can be done during the consultation.
  2. Once we have a digital copy of the prescription, we will send you confirmation that the prescription can be fulfilled by CB1 Pharmacy. We recommend that you also inform the patient’s GP of intended medical cannabis use to ensure the prescription for medical cannabis is suitable. We can now start the ordering process to avoid delays in obtaining medication.
  3.  Send in a hard copy of the prescription.
  4. Once the patient has paid for the medication, we will arrange for delivery of the medication to them.


If you are a clinic already prescribing medical cannabis or want to start prescribing medical cannabis…

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us for the details on how to use our services or on partnering with CB1 Pharmacy. We’ll be happy to discuss price lists and further info on the ordering process and guide prescribing to ensure it is done legally and correctly.

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Here are some useful hints/tips and reminders for prescribers:

  1. Medical cannabis has been legal in the UK since November 2018, when there was a change in the laws surrounding its regulation and supply to patients. Doctors and other healthcare professionals that are listed as specialist prescribers can legally prescribe medical cannabis to patients. The specialist prescriber must understand that medical cannabis is prescribed as an unlicensed special that is listed as a schedule 2 controlled drug.
  2.  Only specialist prescribers can prescribe medical cannabis and the prescription will need to be on special prescription paper. The specialist prescriber will need a unique controlled drug private prescriber identifying number issued by the NHS, and a pink private CD prescription pad (FP10PCD). Contact the local CD officer for help and advice on this if you need more info.
  3.  The prescription will need to specify the formulation and the dose. It’s good practice to prescribe only a 30-day supply on one prescription. As medical cannabis is a schedule 2 controlled drug, the prescription is valid for 28 days.
  4.  Medical cannabis can only be dispensed against an original hard copy of the prescription. We recommend these are sent to the pharmacy via recorded delivery, alternatively contact us to discuss partnership arrangements and prescription handling arrangements.
  5.  Please remind your patients, medical cannabis is specialist medication. Therefore, it can take time to source and dispense medical cannabis depending on the formulation. Items may not be available for immediate dispatch and therefore there may be short delays in obtaining medication. Therefore, we ask for uploads of the prescription as soon as possible so we can mitigate these delays.
  6.  If it is the first time we receive a prescription from your clinic or from a prescriber at your clinic, we may contact you to confirm the authenticity of the prescription.


‘We launched our online pharmacy with the aim of helping to meet patients’ needs directly, so they can confidently purchase their medical cannabis prescriptions from their homes.’

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