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How to get your medical cannabis prescription

We’re happy to talk through the (quick and easy) steps with you via phone or email, or you can read through them below, then head straight over to create your account.

What you need

Before we can authorise your prescription, make sure it checks all the boxes for safe dispensing:

  • Your doctor must be on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council.
  • Your doctor must have filled out your prescription for you, in line with legislation and guidelines.

If you don’t yet have a prescription but think that you would benefit from one, talk to your GP and ask if they can provide you with a referral.

You can also reach out to a specialist clinic established for the treatment of conditions where medical cannabis/CBPM can have a therapeutic benefit.

Order your Prescriptions

Get your prescription

1. Obtain a prescription:

You will need a prescription for medical cannabis from a special doctor within the UK. Once you have been prescribed your medication, please follow the following steps…

2. Let’s get the ball rolling:

As soon as your prescription has been written, create an account if you haven’t already got one! You’ll need to log into your account and upload a copy of your prescription (a scan or even a clear picture with your phone will do!).

– We will confirm if we can get the item in, the cost of the item and how long it will take for you to get your medication.
– In the meantime, we will also confirm with the prescriber that the prescription is
accurate and correct.

3. Confirmation and Payment

If you are happy with the costs and timeframes, we will order the medication in if needed. We will also send you an invoice and payment details.

4. Time to send us your prescription

To allow us to dispense your medication, we need the original physical prescription. We recommend whoever is sending the prescription (patient or clinic) use next-day recorded delivery to ensure timely receipt of prescription. (We will have already started the ordering process when you sent us the scanned image so this will ensure you get your medication promptly.)

Your prescription will need to be written on a special prescription. It is valid for 28 days from the date on the script and will need to be signed in indelible ink.

5. Delivery

Once we have the physical prescription in our possession, and the item has been paid for, we will dispatch the medication to the agreed delivery address. We will use a 24-hour tracked courier or one of our team will deliver the medication personally.   If your medication is being delivered by a courier, we will email you confirming dispatch and the tracking number.

6. Remember your repeat order

Once you’ve got your medication, write a note in your diary or on a calendar to request your next prescription from the clinic. We recommend planning this date 10 days before you run out of medication to ensure sufficient time for review if needed. Check with your clinic if you need to book an appointment for a follow-up with your specialist prescriber to get a new prescription, or if you can request a prescription from them.

Order your Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions:

Once you have stabilised on your medical cannabis therapy, it is likely that you will need regular repeat prescriptions for ongoing supplies. The prescriptions will most often only last a month (depending on the prescribed quantity and dose) so you will need a repeat prescription every 28-30 days. A repeat prescription is a new prescription for medical cannabis, obtained from your clinic, where your specialist prescriber will prescribe the same dose (strength) of medication as your last prescription. The amount of medication you get will last you 28 days. Check with your clinic if you need to book an appointment for a follow-up with your specialist prescriber to get a new prescription, or if you can request a repeat prescription from them. The steps below should help you…

1. Contact your prescribing clinic

The first step to getting a repeat prescription for medical cannabis is to speak to the clinic where you last got your prescription.

2. Discuss your needs with the clinic

The specialist may wish for you review your therapy or they may be happy for you to remain on the current dose and type of medication if it is working well for you. (Please note, clinics may charge for reviews)

Now is the time to speak to your prescriber if needed – especially if you:

  • Want to change how much medication you’re taking
  • Want to change the strength of your medication
  • Want to use a different type of medication
  • Are getting side effects
  • Feel that it’s not working for you
  • Any other concerns you may have

If things are working well with your current medication, your prescriber may be happy to issue a repeat prescription. You should ask to get your repeat prescription at least 7-10 days before you run out. This will allow you enough time to send us your prescription, so you can request your medication from us.

3. Getting your prescription

Some clinics may ask you to pay for a repeat prescription fee even if you do not speak to the prescribing clinician and your therapy remains unchanged. This cost does not include paying for your medication or an appointment for review. Once you have your prescription, simply login to your account and follow the steps

Order your Prescriptions

‘We launched our online pharmacy with the aim of helping to meet patients’ needs directly, so they can confidently purchase their medical cannabis prescriptions from their homes.’

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