What is the cost of Medical Cannabis? Is the medication available on NHS?

Cannabis treatment is very hard to access from the NHS. Across the whole NHS, only a handful of prescriptions are issued each year. There is no clear way to get medicinal cannabis for patients in the NHS and only a very limited number of conditions are covered. Cannabis treatment is very rarely covered by the NHS and must be paid for privately. The cost of Medical Cannabis treatments varies depending on what you are prescribed. Costs may change depending on manufacturing costs but we will always try to provide the best deal for our patients. The cost of medical cannabis depends on your prescription.

You’ll need to consider the:
1. Type of medical cannabis product – whether it’s medical cannabis oil or dried medical cannabis flower.
2. Amount of medical cannabis you need to last you one month.
3. Cost of appointments with a doctor that is a specialist prescriber of medical cannabis.
4. Cost of new or repeat prescriptions for medical cannabis.


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