What can medical cannabis be prescribed for?

Medical cannabis can be prescribed for many medical conditions. It is not usually a first-line treatment but will only be used after you’ve tried the usual treatments. If you cannot take the usual treatment for a condition, or you’ve tried it and it has not worked for you, you may want to consider seeing a specialist prescriber. Common conditions patients get a medical cannabis prescription for include:

1. Chronic pain
2. Mental health, such as depression or anxiety
3. Conditions that affect your nerves, such as epilepsy (seizures)
4. Conditions that affect your gut, such as IBS or Crohn’s disease
5. Skin conditions
6. Side effects from cancer treatment

To find out if medical cannabis might be right for you, speak to someone at a medical cannabis specialist prescriber clinic or contact the pharmacy. You can also speak to a doctor that is a specialist prescriber at certain hospitals or through a referral from your GP.


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